Hi. I'm Charley.

Your friendly neighborhood web-slinger

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Web developer

A sampling of recent interactive web projects. Built with HTML5, Javascript, and a modified MEAN stack.

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I'm no longer taking freelance photography gigs, but photography remains a huge part of my life

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Artist, Coder, Photographer, Nerd.

Technology has been a huge part of my life since I was a child - I remember going to the computer lab with my father to collect discarded punchcards and paper tape. Those bits of computer history became toys, drawings and art supplies. Little did I know then that computers and art would become two defining passions for my life.

In the early 90s, when the web was young, I quickly saw its potential as a creative medium. Video games, digital photography, web sites and other interactive projects have been my hobby, my profession, and my passion.

On this site I'd like to show you some of my personal work.

Recent web projects

  • Web of Heroes

    The superhero social network. A data-visualization of the relationships between comic book characters. Play "Six Degrees of Spiderman" with your favorite hero or villain.

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  • Data and technology

    Courtesy of ComicVine, the visualization has information on over 90k characters, 400k comic book issues, and millions of connections. OrientDB provides a highly performant graph back-end for querying the data. Meanwhile, d3's force-directed layout powers the visualization.

  • Made with love

    Love of comics, love of data, love of code.

Bird Flock

A three.js-powered implementation of the boids algorithm. My 3d bird flock avoids obstacles, exhibits lifelike flocking behavior, and is chased by a predator 'hawk.'

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A d3-based visualization to answer the age old question - who is stronger, the X-Men or the Avengers? Teams of heroes are displayed by their relative power-levels, and can be filtered and adjusted based on the user's interests and opinions.

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I got my first camera in sixth grade, and I've been carrying one everywhere I go ever since. A very small sampling of my recent work is below. In addition to nature and travel photography, lately I've been shooting a lot of flowers and giant monsters.